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Create a beautiful and easy to maintain edible garden.

Kitchen Gardens created, installed, and planned uniquely for you.

You want to start growing, but confused on how to begin? We can help.

We're all about gardening, but we do more than just design and install Kitchen Gardens. We're here to help you become a proficient gardener. We've nailed down the tricks to set you up for gardening success and remove the feeling of being overwhelmed. Say hello to a garden-filled life! We know gardening, we don’t just design Kitchen Gardens, we help you become a confident gardener.

We’ve learned the key steps to a successful setup will eliminate the frustrations and feelings of being overwhelmed and replaced with living a garden-centered lifestyle.

Want to know more?
Here is how it works!



We will come to your location and spend 60 minutes learning about your vision for a Kitchen Garden.  We will determine the best location, based on important criteria such as overall size of the space, hours of sunlight and access to a water source. This consult can happen in person or remotely


Within 3-5 days we will provide a concept design, vision board, and cost estimate for a turnkey installation. Your consultation fee includes 1 revision of the original plan. (Additional changes will be billed at $60 per hour.)


We offer 2 installation options:


  1. Build it for you: When you choose this option our team will take care of all of the details from the first shovel in the ground to the final plant placed in the soil. After we are finished, we will review your planting plan and give you some helpful links for maintaining your new Kitchen Garden. Within 30 days of installation, we will also conduct a free 1-hour follow-up visit.

  2. Build it Myself: If you like a DIY project we can provide step-by-step instructions for the key elements of success such as ideal materials for the raised beds, soil recipe, irrigation requirements, and the building fundamentals. You will also receive a planting plan for 1 season as well as helpful links for maintaining your new Kitchen Garden *cost for DIY steps and instructions varies depending on design.



Step outside daily to a beautiful harvest and enjoy the fruits and vegetables of your labor. 

Begin living a "garden-centered" life!

Kitchen Gardens are more accessible than ever.

Wait. What's a Kitchen Garden?

[ kitch·en gar·den ] noun.

A Kitchen Garden is an edible space that has the perfect blend of aesthetics and production. Beautifully constructed raised beds with a mix of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and cutting flowers. It is the culinary bridge between your kitchen and your garden.

Additional Services

Grow with children

Gardenary-Life Coaching Program

For our installation clients we offer a comprehensive annual program that includes 3 seasons of planting plans, all seedlings and seeds, our favorite products for garden success and monthly on-site coaching sessions. We are growing right alongside you so you will become a confident and successful kitchen gardener

 Priced at $25.00 per square foot of the growing space billed monthly. 

Example: 128 sq ft garden @ $25.00

$3200/12 months =$267per month

Abundant harvests


Common maintenance includes pruning, staking/training vines, weeding, pest/disease monitoring & control, removing dead plants, replantings, dividing perennials, etc.
Rate is per hour + materials. 

​Starting at $75 per 1-hour session. 
Scheduling is weekly,
biweekly, monthly, quarterly, or as needed.
10% discount for purchasing a yearly plan of
1 hr/week of maintenance.

Make it a family project

Planting Plans

A custom detailed planting plan for existing gardens that tell what to plant for the specific season. 

Starting at $100  for up to 100 square foot garden
Package for all 3 
growing seasons in zone 7B (March, May, September) $275.00

About Us

Hi there, I’m Sara!


Truth be told, I was not always a passionate gardener, I dabbled with it from time to time, but grew frustrated by not seeing success and never really understood what I was doing wrong.


However, this all changed after completing an intensive certification program that taught me the critical elements needed to enjoy the beauty and bounty of a successful Kitchen Garden. This is when I became passionate to help others create their own nurturing and restorative space right outside their door!

Gardenary Certificate


Sara Rubens and her team at Seed to Sanctuary have achieved what many thought was the impossible... made gardeners out of the Worsleys!  Plants used to come to our house with great fear and trembling as my wife Holly and I notoriously have anything but a green thumbs.  Thanks to Sara Rubens and her team at Seed to Sanctuary,  we now have a beautiful and abundant vegetable and flower Kitchen Garden.  From the initial setup of our garden (which has become a gorgeous addition to what was an unused corner of our front yard), to ongoing coaching from Sara on how to successfully care for our growing vegetables, we are proud to say we love our kitchen garden and the FRESH vegetables and salads we are enjoying on a regular basis. What a great investment. Thank you Sara and the Seed to Sanctuary team!

The Worsley Family, Davidson, NC

Pocket Garden

I am ready to get growing!

Let's Grow!

We are fortunate in Zone 7B to be able to grow something all year long! But do you want to know what to plant when?  Download this free planting guide so you can get started growing no matter the season.

Season Growing Guide

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